Características do Isolamento Termoacústico e Suas Aplicações

thermoacoustic insulation

Those who are looking for mechanisms that bring the dream of thermal and acoustic insulation of environments need to know the characteristics of thermo-acoustic insulation and its applications.

It is possible to say that thermo-acoustic insulation is a coating capable of making environments more comfortable and also reducing electricity consumption, because it has the power to insulate both the action of the external temperature on the inside as well as prevent noise from the street bother those inside the environments.

The use in acoustic insulation makes noise pollution not invading the environments and thermal insulation allows that the ambient temperature is always pleasant, which results in a lower use of electricity.

Applications of thermo-acoustic insulation in civil construction

The glazed in Sao Paulo or in any other city can be used on roofs, masonry works on metal tiles, partitions, air conditioning ducts, heaters and pipes.

Produced with mineral wool, the thermo-acoustic insulation has properties that are capable of repelling water and being free from the action of dust. Thus, the environments will have a more pleasant internal temperature, reducing the use of electric energy, resulting in reduced expenses, which is good for the pocket and for the environment.

Another feature of mineral wool is that it has components that generate energy savings even in its production. In addition, in terms of acoustics, people did not suffer from the noise coming from the outside and the property will still be protected from the action of fire, in case a fire occurs.

Thermo-acoustic insulation can still be installed in commercial environments with the aim of offering benefits to employees as well as in industries and studios.

If the person is starting the work and wants to bet on the installation of thermo-acoustic insulation , the guideline is that they do this while the work is in progress, as this will not require rework in some cases, but those who choose drywall should know that the works in which this coating is installed are simple and easy to be carried out.

With plasterboard, the steel structure is coated through external plates, so the wall is not “stuck” to the type of material that was used when it was built. This measure allows the isolation type to be changed according to the presented need. 

Advantages of using thermo-acoustic insulation

Thermoacoustic insulation is manufactured using mineral wool, it does not suffer from the deterioration process, because it is mineral and inorganic. Thus, its performance generating economy and performance does not end up being able to stand temperatures that reach 750°C.

How does DC Plus Drywall work?

Anyone looking for a company to promote the installation of thermal acoustic insulation in São Paulo needs to know DcMais Drywall. With an experienced team, the company talks with the customer in order to understand the need he has and from that, it offers the best technique.

Based on the project, it will be easy to choose the material that will meet all the needs of the environment. The architect who is part of the team goes to the site and conducts an analysis of the environment, so that it will be easy to specify the thermal and acoustic levels that people want.

Having a company like DcMais Drywall is the best way to have the best thermo-acoustic insulation in São Paulo. Do you want to bet on the installation of thermo-acoustic coating in a construction that has already been completed? Are you building and want to have this benefit? Just get in touch right now!

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